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The 2014 Report of the Tomato Genetics Cooperative (TGC) will likely be published at the end of October. There is time for researchers to submit reports on their tomato related research. Reports can include some interesting preliminary results and will not preclude later publishing in a refereed journal. You may also have some information that would be of interest to the research community but do not have time etc. to do follow up work for a refereed paper. Please submit reports to me at jwsc@ufl.edu. For more information on the TGC see http://tgc.ifas.ufl.edu.

-Jay Scott
Managing Editor Tomato Genetics Cooperative
The hot pepper genome (Mexican landrace of Capsicum annuum cv. CM334) that was sequenced by an international group of scientists from Korea, Israel and the USA is now available on SGN. [September 24, 2014]
Nicotiana tabacum genomes are now available in Blast
Nicotiana tabacum TN90, BX and K326 genomes are now available in Blast. Please report any issues here. [September 15, 2014]
Solanum pennellii genome available in JBrowse and Blast
The Solanum pennellii genome is now available in the JBrowse genome viewer and Blast. [September 05, 2014]
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Solanum lycopersicum Cytokinin Response Factor 8
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The 29th ATDW will be held in Windsor, Ontario, Canada from November 4-6, 2014.
SOL2014 will be held in Brazil, Nov 2-6, 2014. See the conference website for more information.
Workshop organized by the Transplant consortium, Wageningen, Netherlands, Oct 13-14, 2014
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IOTW, week 286
Solanum pimpinellifolium fruit
Peter Glen Walley, Warwick HRI, UK

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